[FrenchFilmNews] BIG DoG extended till 3pm tomorrow! The website is still experiencing difficulties but you can donate directly to the SFFF, here is how...

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Tue May 3 17:27:24 PDT 2016

*HOME <http://sacramentofrenchfilmfestival.org>*

[image: French Film News]

*15th SFFF JUNE 17-26, 2016 *

*"THE REGION'S PREMIER FILM EVENT" Carla Meyer - Sacramento Bee*

[image: http://www.calaged.org/images/Give/Big%20Day%20of%20Giving.gif]

*Chers Amis,*

*Due to an incredibly high volume of donations, BigDayofGiving.org is still
experiencing technical issues. We*
* apologize for the frustration some of you have expressed for not being
able to make your donation.*

* The good news is that the event has been extended through 3 p.m.
tomorrow, May 4, 2016. AND you can DONATE HERE
to us! **All funds donated through 3pm tomorrow, and processed directly by
us will be tabulated by the BIG Day of Giving foundation for matching
dollars, and challenge prizes.*

*IF YOU ARE A  GOLDEN ONE CUSTOMER, please remember to use your **G1 Debit
or Credit Card. Golden 1 will donate up to $50,000 to the nonprofits Golden
1 members donate to on May 3 with their G1 Debit or Credit Card (on a
pro-rated basis, up to $50,000).*

*Remember: we couldn't do it without YOU!*


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*Support the Festival, spread the word! Merci.*

*15th SFFF, June 17-26 2016 www.SacramentoFrenchFilmFestival.org
<http://www.SacramentoFrenchFilmFestival.org> *

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