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[image: Popcorn]

*[image: French Film News]*
* 14th SFFF - JUNE 19-28, 2015 *

*"THE REGION'S PREMIER FILM EVENT" Carla Meyer - Sacramento Bee (February
   [image: crowd]

*What a fun evening we had! *

*Merci for attending our 8th Winter Short Film Screeningat Verge Center for
the Arts.*

*You have voted, andthe "Sacramento César" went to: La Bûche de Noël (Best
Animated Short)& Où je mets ma pudeur (Best Live Action Short)*

[image: La Buche de Noel] [image: Pudeur]

*The Official winners of the 40th C*

*ésar Ceremony (held in Paris on Friday, February 20th): Les Petits
Cailloux (Animation) & La Femme de Rio (Live Action).*

[image: cailloux]

[image: LA FEMME DE RIO]


*And, congratulations to French composer Alexandre Desplat   on his first
Oscar win (after 8 nominations) for his wonderful score of The Grand
Budapest Hotel.*


*Save the date for our 6th annual SERGE! PARTY Saturday, March 28, 2015
Verge Center for the Arts.*
*Join us for musical short films, live music and DJ sets! More details
coming soon.*

[image: Serge at Verge]
(Photo: Sean Christopher)

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Merci. 14th SFFF, June 19-28 2015 www.SacramentoFrenchFilmFestival.org

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